Museums in Rethymnon

A fantastic collection of ecclesiastical icons, garments and jewelry, can be found here. The silver cross contained within the museum's collection was allegedly stolen by the Nazis, who tried to whisk it away to Germany.
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Another wonderful museum packed with interesting costumes, tapestries. looms, etc, along with lacework from Anoghia, and examples of basket-weaving from Myxorrouma near Spili, where this traditional art is still practiced. Closed Sundays and winter.
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Featuring the works of Lefteris Kanakakis, this wonderful museum is close enough to the archaeological museum to combine the two. Housed in a Venetian building later used as a soap factory, Kanakis works are prominent, but there are sketches by other contemporary Greek artists.
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A private collection of the works of painter and sculptor, Alkibiades Skoulas, including one depicting the horrors of Nazi atrocities in Anoghia, in 1944. Run now by Alkibiades' son, Georgios, this is wonderful and moving museum.
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A small, splendid museum opposite Rethymnon's fortezza, covering pre and ancient history from neolithic, through Minoan, Doric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman. Note fine examples of Minoan larnakes, Roman statues and a fabulous ancient coin collection.
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There is a museum attached to the monastery, the scene of the self-destruction by monks, in 1866, which killed not only the Greeks inside, but a fair proportion of the 10,000 Turks who surrounded the monastery.
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A museum displaying shells, sponges and fish, located in what was once an abbey, in the old town. It is closed Sunday and Monday, and can be found on Arabatzoglou Street.
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A museum of waxwork figures, including depictions of the great Cretan statesman EleftherosVenizelos, Byzantine general/emperor Nikoforas Phokas and Yiannis Vlachos (Daskaloyannis) the Sfakian revolutionary brutally flayed to death by the Turks in 1770 are among its 87 figures.
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A number of villages have private collections open the the public, such as the one in Argyroupolis, a couple of doors down from the Zagraphakis’ Hotel, and curated by Mr. Zographakis.
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