Museums in Preveza and Parga

The district of Thesprotikou in the Northwest area of the region features several traditional houses and buildings which have been kept in relatively good condition, such as the old school which dates back to the 17th century.
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This fascinating collection of tools, clothing, toys and historical documents spans over 200 years and gives visitors a rare glimpse at the daily lives and struggles of the people who lived here throughout the last two centuries.
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This relatively new museum is a must-see for any travellers passing through Preveza. The current museum is the third of its kind, with the first being destroyed during World War 2 and the second being built and finished in 2006.
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This interesting display of the region’s natural history is located just 5 kilometres from Preveza city in neighbouring Neohori. Visitors will have a chance to look at displays which show the diverse fauna and flora of the area as well as information on the interesting finds at Kokkinopilos and the Cave of Asprohalkou.
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Located in the village of Strongyli, the Rodia Wetlands Information Centre informs visitors about the wide array of birds, animals, fish and plants acrooss the Ambracian Gulf and their role in this unique ecosystem. Visitors also learn about the efforts to protect the gulf and how they can help.
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Other Activities for Preveza and Parga

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