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Discover collections from classical and prehistoric times from the area and beyond, dating from 2000 BC to 600 AD.
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While some of the sculptures originally here were moved to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and replaced by plaster versions, there's still a lot to see.
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Erected in 1713 by the Venetian Provider Sagredos, the museum features Mesolithic and Palaeolithic finds from as far back as 8000 BC.
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Olympia boasts a sophisticated new museum containing some very old pieces indeed. Press the Read More link to discover its riches...
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This Institution has focused on the research, study and preservation of Peloponnesian culture – as well as Greek culture overall.
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This museum exhibits pieces mainly from the sacred temple of Dios in Olympia. The most important ones are gold seal-rings depicting the Olympic Games, bronze and terracotta geometric warriors and much more.
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This museum is representative of the thousands of relics and finds associated with Messene. The reliefs and sculptures on display in this seemingly modest museum come from excavations at Oiknomou, Orlandos and Sophoulis.
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Exactly 50 years after the Nazi occupation massacred almost 700 male inhabitants over the age of 12 in Kalavryrta, the Museum of Sacrifice opened its doors to honour the fallen. The massacre happened in December 1943 in retribution for the killing of 81 German soldiers captured by the resistance.
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Integrated into its natural environment near the current railways, the Railway Museum includes a traditional railway station, pedestrian metal bridge, platforms, a water tower and more. You will marvel at all the old railway paraphernalia including fountains for steam engines, switch levers, stoppers, lanterns, etc. Steam engines and a diesel engine are on display, as well as first-class and second-class passenger wagons from different eras.
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Thanks to isolated biotopes, hundreds of islands and a varied topography like no other, the Botanical museum claims it has around 150,000 samples of plant life. To be fair, the sample is both from Greece and from around the Mediterranean region, but mostly Greek.
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Delve into the life of this local politician and prime minister of Greece from 1924 to 1932. Photographs from his family life, military life and political life are on display, as well as personal belongings, including letters in German and large personal library.
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Housed in a historic neoclassical building, the museum highlights local folk art, as well as manufacturing items both from Greece and abroad, used in the late 19th century. This is a true trip in time.
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It's exhibits belong to the Mycenaean age, the Archaic, the Hellenistic but also the Roman times. Impressive are the Burial pithos from Koukoynara and the investment warrior helmets from boar's teeth, which is a common feature of the soldier-warrior of the Achaeans.
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Discover what life was like in this complex fort city, known for its Venetian influence, spiritual significance, Frankish element, Ottoman rule, quality wine, churches, cisterns, hamams and public buildings. Art, pottery, sculpture, coats of arms and much more are at display within the Castle of Monemvasia.
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The Museum of Hora, is full of great finds, almost all found in archaeological sites in the area. In particular, near Nestor's Palace, displayed with special care.
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Was built between 1968 to 1972. It includes findings of the excavations conducted by the Archaeological Society in ancient Messene(Mavromati).There are exhibited architectural fragments,inscribed limestone slabs and so on.
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Wander through Roman exhibits in 3 special showrooms and around the museum's courtyard. The museum highlights the long history of Corinth starting from the Neolithic era until the Middle Ages.
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Right beside the site where many archaeological treasures were unearthed, this museum features all the finds and outstanding glass tableaus from 375 AD.
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Right on site, the museum focuses on finds of the area and sheds light on its history, complementing the site where sadly not much remains.
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The archaeological museum of Sparta features important exhibits from ancient times with exhibits from the sacred temples of Chalkiikou Athena and Orthia Artemida, as well as ancient Spartan frescoes.
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See neolithic and early bronze-age items from Agiorgitika and Asea, as well as sculptures from the temple of Alea Athena at Tegea and the area. Small objects from the temple are also found, plus inscriptions from the archaic to the byzantine era, and reliefs form early Christian/Byzantine times (Episkopi Tegeas).
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Mystras also has an archaeological museum in a traditional building within part of the Agios Dimitrios cathedral. The collection features ceramics, frescoes, sculptures and coins, as well as Byzantine fabrics and icons.
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Housed in a neoclassical building – formerly a hospital – designed by Ernst Ziller, the museum boasts 7000 finds from Arkadia, including prehistoric, Mycenaean, geometric, archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman artefacts. Clay idols, jars, children's toys, figurines, glass, pottery, votive reliefs...
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The Astros Museum has exhibits of inscriptions from the villa of Herod Atticus (on the site of the Loukou Convent), marble statues of gods from the Classical period, inscriptions, pottery, small items from various periods, etc.
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Housed in a mid 19th century edifice on the corner of Papazoglou and Benaki streets, the museum features a solid collection of photographs, maps, models and more that help the visitor grasp different aspects of ancient history and culture in the area.
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The Folk Art Museum is housed in one of the more venerable buildings in the famed Skagiopouleio neighbourhood known for its wartime orphanage. Embark on a trip into Greek city and country life of decades past, with a vigorous mix of folkloric items that unveil a totally different era in this part of the world.
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Traditional brassware and other interesting stuff to gaze at.
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This folk museum focuses on the daily lives of past generations who lived in the area. Old tools and different household items are on display, including clothing, embroidery, photographs and more.
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In the community of Manari (Mantineia), this little museum displays textiles, clothes, tools and other traditional paraphernalia like an old curiosity shop.
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In the renovated old primary school of Partheni there is a folk museum that has tools and items used in the not-too-distant past by the locals, as well as traditional crafts and arts such as embroidery and clothing.
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Right on the village square in an old house lies this folk museum housing traditional and ecclesiastic items, reflecting also the agricultural life of local families in the recent past. Old household items and traditional paraphernalia are on display.
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There is a small folk museum in Melana near Tyros.
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The museum was founded by private initiative.It includes maps(the oldest dates from 1580), engravings , newspapers , cards era , notes , loom , guns , knives , cameras , dishes , etc.
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Discover some 4000 objects and artefacts related to the life on the mountains around Olympia. From tools used for traditional crafts to heirlooms and manuscripts, learn about recent history in these parts, including wars.
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This museum showcases silverwork, woodwork, embroidery, furniture, tools and more from the early 19th century to the 20th century. See male & female costumes from different parts of Greece, plus a library with books from the 17th-19th centuries.
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In Anavryti within the municipality of Mystras, there is a neo-classical building (once the area's Primary School) which is home to a geological museum featuring a photographic exhibition of Taygetos' local flora, as well as geological curiosities and rocks. If you are a nature lover, this museum is for you!
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Enjoy exhibits pertaining to rural life and traditions, from weaving and farming to art and pottery. There are even examples of bookbinding and presswork, in addition to a replica of a traditional coffee shop and pre-industrial life.
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This museum features rare editions of books, newspapers as far back as 1875, historic magazines and valuable documents. The latter includes the first address of the 3rd National Assembly of the Greeks, sent in 1827 to Ioannis Kapodistrias, the country's prime minister, just as Patras was gaining its independence.
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This museum is found in on old stone house built in a traditional style (may be closed in Winter). It is accessible from the village of Chrissovitsi.
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Dimitsana has an open-air hydraulics museum which has revived the water mills of the town and is a true eco-friendly museum. Its shop sells books on hiking and other subjects of interest to the eco traveller. It has even helped the economic prosperity of this traditional region, and should be visited by all means!
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The Koumantereios Gallery also in Sparta is located in another neoclassical edifice, boasting a permanent collection of oil paintings by European artists. It represents an island of Western culture in a very Mediterranean setting.
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Discover costumes and other articles related to silk, which is connected to the commercial wellbeing of the town in history, in addition to many other folklore items.
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Arkadia is home to the luxurious mansion of Herod Atticus with fine sculptures, amazing statues and intricate mosaics with intricate shapes, found at Eva in Astros.
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From an eco perspective a visit to the Museum of Olives and Olive Oil in Sparta is a must-see. It reveals the history of olive oil production from ancient times to the present.
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In an attractive building near the site of Olympia, the Museum of the Olympic Games houses memorabilia and objects related to the Olympics from ancient to modern times. These include postage stamps that commemorate the games.
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This wooden museum unveils the nature, history and culture of Ilia, as well as the oak forest of Pholoe, including its natural wealth, fauna, birds and flowers. It also explores the area's mythology, eco-tourism and fire protection.
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In the most impressive building in Ilia's capital, this museum used to be the city's main market yet now houses different archaeological collections as well as art exhibitions. If you're passing through Pyrgos, this is a must see!
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Tripoli's war museum unveils the recent troubled history of the country through several exhibitions: revolution of 1821, the Greek-Ottoman war, Macedonian war, Balkan wars, first world war, the defeat in Asia Minor, Greek-Italian war and German occupation, plus general themes such as the Middle East and liberation.
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