Museums in Magnesia (Pelion)

This is the most important in the region, dating from 1909. It features collections from prehistory to Roman years, such as ceramics, statues, bone tools and weapons.
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If you're into studying nature, you're going to love this gem of a place. The Centre for Research and Protection of Wild Orchids in Northern Pelion was established in 2012 and lies in the old school of the village of Kerasia, not far from Lake Karla.
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The Elias Lefousis Museum honors one of the great writers of the region. The works of Lefousis were dedicated to revealing life in the rural areas of Thessaly during the 20th century, particularly since the region's liberation from Ottoman times.
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In the village of Kanalia near Lake Karla, the Museum of Lake Karla's Civilization offers precious insight on life around the lake before it was drained, how the livelihood of the inhabitants was compromised, and what opportunities exist for its future.
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This small museum in picturesque houses many traditional, precious objects, as well as tools, books and relics that represent a window into the past.
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There is an archaeological museum in Almyros with locally found artefacts from the Neolithic, Mycenaean, Geometric, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. The museum building itself is noteworthy too.
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Built in 1970 based on the plans of famed late Greek architect Dimitrios Pikionis, the building houses the Municipal Art Gallery with paintings, sculpture and engravings by important modern Greek artists.
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Learn about the local traditions of the area and get a peek into its heritage at this museum. You may also want to visit the nearby monasteries of Ano Xenia and Kato Xenia.
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The Art Centre next to the Municipal Conservatory. The building contains the Volos Municipal Art Collection (more than 400 paintings, sculptures, hagiographies, ceramics, mosaics, etc. plus temporary exhibitions). The other two floors house the Alexander Damtsas Museum with 500 paintings and gravures.
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Located in the beautiful village of Zagora is the old school of Rigas, established in 1777, or the "Greek Museum" as it later became known, represents the oldest school in Pelion. Former students of the school included Rigas Ferreos (leader of the revolution against the Ottoman Turks) and other famous figures.
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This used to be the house of Kitsos Makris house that hosts his valuable archives (photographs, studies, murals, paintings, etc) and now belongs to the Library of the University of Thessaly after the donation of the family in 1989.
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Built in 1884, the railway station is noted for its aesthetics and it hosts a museum related to the history of the railway. At the entrance stands a marble statue of the goddess Athena created in 1884 by the Italian sculptor I. Previsan. In the lower part there's an embossed bust of King George I.
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At the entrance of the city the refurbished Metaxourgeio – meaning silk factory – has been turned into a silk museum. It used to be owned by the Etmektzoglou Brothers and functioned from 1924-1991.
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Located in the great Topali Mansion built in 1844, the museum boasts an astounding collection of household objects, books, clothing, tools, flags and guns. The Topali Mansion was characterized as a "Work of Art and Historical Preserved Monument" in 1985 by the Greek government.
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This is a very important library with a unique collection of old documents detailing the Greek Revolution. There is also a great display of old books, as well as maps and scientific instruments.
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