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The non profit organization was created to further the study of Alexander The Great.The foundation’s chief goals include the promotion of health and education, and support for institutions that contribute to the improvement of social,
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Located in the present-day settlement of Dion, only 500 meters from the entrance of the archaeological space, the museum displays finds from various excavations over the years.
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Housed in an impressive 19th Century mansion that belonged to Panayiotis Galatsopoulos, the museum, founded in 1992, is located in Kolindros’ historical center.
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The Pontian Union, founded in 1928, created this museum in 1990 to exhibit approximately 600 items of cultural, social, folklore and historical resonance.
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The Elatochori Folklore Museum is housed in a hall within the Cultural Center, showing through its exhibition a variety of objects representing the daily life of residents during the old times.
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The family run museum educates visitors on Mount Olympus’s history in terms of its geological evolution.
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This UNESCO Heritage Site, on the foothills of the “Macedonian mount”, is not only of enormous historical importance but also very scenic.
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In operation since 1970 in the old 15-century six-domed Turkish textile market, the museum has finds from the Neolithic, Bronze, Hellenistic and Roman eras and Byzantium. One of only two remaining Ottoman-era “bezesteni” (textile) markets in Greece.
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Housed on the 2nd floor of the region’s Orthodox diocese, the museum's exhibits include religious vestments, Byzantine artifacts, crucifixes, illustrated Gospels and carved chancel screens from monasteries and churches of the greater area of Serres and Nigrita.
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The museum has a permanent exhibit of traditional costumes, buckles, belts and jewelry as well as folklore artefacts.
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This 3-storey museum in Serres proper highlights traditional dances and musical instruments, while the second floor has a representation of a typical reception hall from a Vlach home, with furniture and hand embroidery.
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A private museum opened in 1998, on show are a wide range of decorative objects, jewelry, instruments, religious icons and vestments, military uniforms and weapons and traditional costumes.
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Set in Siderokastro’s central square, the museum presents the personal collection of Tsartsidis, who began collecting military memorabilia from the Balkan wars and world wars in 1941. The folklore section houses costumes, objects and tools used by the local craftspeople.
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The museum at Ancient Amphipolis houses finds from the ancient sanctuary and fortifications including statuary, coins, inscriptions, and finds from the later Christian-era basilicas. Open Tuesday to Sunday until 3pm. The archaeological park hosts a festival in July and August.
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This museum is devoted to the study of the history and peoples of the entire Balkan peninsula (called Aemos in ancient times).
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On the road to the Monastery of Timios Prodromos (John the Baptist) just outside Serres, the exhibits aim to inform visitors about the flora and fauna of the area with taxidermy birds and animals and samples of plants and minerals from the region.
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Ever since it was founded in 1995, the museum has been showcasing the cultural and nautical history of Litochoro.
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A museum devoted to the now lost nomadic equestrian tribe of the Sarakatsanoi, which was mostly annihilated in WWII. Exhibits highlight their way of life, tent dwellings and costumes and horse decorations as well as traditions and art.
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