Museums in Lesvos

This new building houses a stunning permanent exhibition that aims to guide you through everyday life in ancient Lesvos.
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You’ll know this museum is a gem as soon as you see the rare artifacts displayed in the beautiful mansion.
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Lesvos boasts one of the few digital art museums in Europe, so take some time and explore this one-of-a-kind exhibition.
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The Petrified Forest was deemed a UNESCO Monument of Nature and this museum is the perfect way to further explore the scientific and geological background of this one-of-a-kind geological phenomenon.
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Located in the famous art critic’s ancestral home, this beautiful museum holds many gems. Admire the rare editions of his work, called the Great Books, that focus on the Great Masters, including Picasso and Le Corbusier.
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This beautiful museum is dedicated to Lesvos’ own 19thC folk artist, Theophilos Hatzimihail.
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This museum is a must-see for any ouzo lover. You’ll get a peek into the distillation process for this famous Greek drink which is a trademark product of Lesvos. Find out how it impacted the local economy, and get a deeper appreciation of the fine art of spices and their uses in ouzo.
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Take a tour of the island’s religious past, and admire ancient icons, bishop’s robes, illuminated manuscripts and antique chalices. It’s worth visiting as the island is known for its many monasteries and central churches – religious centers that attract tourists from all over.
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Extra-virgin olive oil is one of Lesvos’ premiere exports – and with good reason as the island’s olive cultivation and pressing process have been perfected over the centuries. Take a tour of this olive mill which has been designed to display the entire process of taking olives and getting fine oil.
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