Museums in Lasithi (Crete)

Despite the fantastic sites in this nomos, the museums, up to degree, suffer from their proximity to, and the importance of the Herakleion museums; especially the archaeological one!

There are still excellent artefacts to be seen, however, especially in the Siteia museum, including the Palaikastro Kouros and Linear A tablets from Zakros, although there isn't one bull-head rhyton, which is slightly disappointing given the quantity of them found at that site.


Ierapetra was an incredibly important site, especially during the Hellenistic and Roman periods (323 BC to 395AD), and this museum reflects that.
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This is where you'll find one of the great artefacts on Crete, namely the 'Palaikastro Kouros'. A chryselephantine (golden and ivory) statue of a young man, thought by many to be a depiction of the boy Zeus.
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Eight rooms, covering the period from Neolithic (Around 3,000BC) to Roman, including the so-called 'Goddess of Myrtos' jug, which is worth visiting the museum for, alone. There are also finds here from the palace of Mallia, Siteia and the area of Mirabello.
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