Museums in Lakonia

Discover what life was like in this complex fort city, known for its Venetian influence, spiritual significance, Frankish element, Ottoman rule, quality wine, churches, cisterns, hamams and public buildings. Art, pottery, sculpture, coats of arms and much more are at display within the Castle of Monemvasia.
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The archaeological museum of Sparta features important exhibits from ancient times with exhibits from the sacred temples of Chalkiikou Athena and Orthia Artemida, as well as ancient Spartan frescoes.
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Mystras also has an archaeological museum in a traditional building within part of the Agios Dimitrios cathedral. The collection features ceramics, frescoes, sculptures and coins, as well as Byzantine fabrics and icons.
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In Anavryti within the municipality of Mystras, there is a neo-classical building (once the area's Primary School) which is home to a geological museum featuring a photographic exhibition of Taygetos' local flora, as well as geological curiosities and rocks. If you are a nature lover, this museum is for you!
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The Koumantereios Gallery also in Sparta is located in another neoclassical edifice, boasting a permanent collection of oil paintings by European artists. It represents an island of Western culture in a very Mediterranean setting.
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From an eco perspective a visit to the Museum of Olives and Olive Oil in Sparta is a must-see. It reveals the history of olive oil production from ancient times to the present.
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