Museums in Kos

Take a tour of the exact replica of a 5thC BC Ancient Kos home. Admire the kitchen with all the utensils and the unique chimney. You’ll find statues and votive offerings to the gods as well.
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This museum houses a stunning collection of statues and mosaics from the Ancient Greek and Roman periods. Make it a point to admire the statue of Hippocrates dating back to the 4thC BC and that of Hermes from the 2ndC BC.
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You’ll feel like you stepped back in time and into the living room of a home belonging to a Kos official from the Roman period. An exact replica, you’ll walk through the 36 stunningly decorated rooms and into three atriums.
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This living museum is a tribute to the herbal remedies discovered and administered by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine and a native of Kos.
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Household utensils and agricultural tools are on display in this replica of a tradition home while keeping the unique layout of the homes in Kos, where bedrooms were part of the formal living room.
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Not only will you be able to tour a replica of a traditional Kos home, you’ll be able to admire artifacts ranging from musical instruments to local costumes as well.
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