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Lord Byron arrived in Kefallonia to further the Greek cause, and stayed in a house in the village. He lived here for a few months before departing to fight alongside the Greeks.
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This stunning 19thC mansion survived the earthquake and stands proud, a testament to Kefallonia’s past. Explore the beautiful library with unique Fatnomata features in the ceiling and wander through the museum to admire antiques, rare Byzantine icons and many illuminated manuscripts.
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If you’re a history buff, you’ll love this unique museum. Photographs and artifacts provide a record of Kefallonian life before the earthquake, from Venetian times up to 1953. You’ll get a taste of the architecture, domestic and agricultural life, as well as being able to admire 12thC manuscripts.
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If you’re looking to get inspired like the great poet who wrote a number of poems during his stay in Kefallonia, head to Lakythra village and find Lord Byron’s rock. The poet loved the view from this rock, which gave him vistas of the whole island and the Ionian and the locals honored him in a plaque dedicated to him.
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This museum is a must-see for everyone. It holds some of the most significant Mycenaean artifacts ever to be found in Greece – the result of excavations that discovered the Beehive/Tholos Tomb and the Roman Grave Complex. Jewelry, pottery and other tools are featured, as are artifacts found in a cave.
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Founded by the Society for Environmental Protection, this beautiful museum raises awareness of the unique environmental and geological attributes of the region. Artifacts from Ainos Mountain and the national forest are featured here.
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This very unique museum was established by local volunteers who want to raise awareness of the wealth found in and the importance of the island’s surrounding marine ecosystem. The volunteers help with rescue missions and research expeditions as well as curating this museum.
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