Museums in Karditsa (Lake Plastira)

Drakotripa was known for its sword-smiths in the Ottoman era, followed by stonemasons called Koudari, who spoke their own language like most masons of Epiros. The village has a museum with a library and exhibits from the 18th-19th centuries. There is also a working watermill in Drakotripa worth visiting.
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Krioneri is a village sited on the beautiful plateau of Nevropoli next to Lake Plastira. The village has a Folk and Historical Museum for those interested in learning more about its history. Exhibits include artefacts from its history.
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Leontito in the Athamanon region, surrounded by fir forest and fruit trees, lies at an altitude of 1,000 meters and is 40 km from Mouzaki. The remodelled Public School Building at the village centre is today used as a Library and Folk Art Museum.
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In Moschato which lies in the Plastiras municipality, there is a folk museum of local renown.
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Loutro is an old village of Menelaides Township located 20 km from Karditsa at an altitude of 247 metres. The Community Centre of Loutro contains an exhibition hall and museum of local antiques and traditional tools.
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Moloha has a Folk Museum open all year round that displays antique artefacts and tools.
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There's an interesting folk museum in Portitsa near Mitropoli that has exhibits of traditional tools and handicrafts.
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Grammatiko is a village on the plains of Thessaly within the Municipality of Tamasi. It is 32 kilometres from Karditsa and just 9 km from Leontari. There is an impressive folk art museum in the Community Centre.
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At an altitude of 350 metres and 14 km from Karditsa, the picturesque village of Kanalia is found on the foothills of the Agrafon Mountains is home to the folk artist Kitsos Makris who founded a museum 1979. The museum also displays an interesting array of farm and household tools and a photographic library.
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Karagouna collections, utensils, costumes and artefacts reflecting the culture of the people called Karagounides, traditionally farmers who worked under Ottoman lords in ancient times. They are known for their ornate costumes, celebrations, Christmas ceremonies, dances, grand widdings, and culinary customs.
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Past Messenikolas lies the picturesque village of Morfovouni or Vounessi, 18 km southwest of Karditsa. The Plastiras Museum has a permanent photo exhibit of Nikolaos Plastiras' life, the illustrious politician whom Lake Plastiras was named after and who came from this village.
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Among the complex of buildings of the Church of Agios Georgios in Rentina there is a Religious Museum. The Museum of the National Resistance is located in the old stone public school building which during the occupation housed the officers training school of the resistance, ELAS.
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Strange tools, handwoven rugs, local embroidery, amusing antiques and odd pots are part of this diverse museum in the quaint town of Sofades which counts 6,500 inhabitants. The town also features some remarkable churches and is near various archaeological ruins.
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Thrapsimi within the municipality of Menlaides as a folk museum that features many local traditional tools and crafts.
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