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This beautiful museum housed in a traditional Lefkadan home honors the creativity and vitality of Maria Standraka and her unique Karsaniko embroidery style.
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Ever wonder what tools were needed in now-extinct professions?
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This stunning museum houses all important archaeological artifacts found on the island, including those resulting from Dörpfeld’s digs in Nirikos, Hirospilia and Nydri.
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On display you’ll find over 10,000 beautifully intricate artifacts from India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Nepal and Tibet.
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This small museum features artifacts from local digs that range from Neolithic times on. Minoan and Mycenaean relics are on exhibit here as well as a beautiful marble lion dating back to the 6thC BC and a Renaissance statue of Aphrodite and Eros. Please check before visiting as it might be closed for renovations.
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Greece’s banknotes reflect its geopolitical history as you’ll see in this interesting museum. Here you’ll also admire the country’s first banknote, early bank documents and one of the world’s first banknotes from 14th Century China. And you can find out how money is printed.
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Lord Byron arrived in Kefallonia to further the Greek cause, and stayed in a house in the village. He lived here for a few months before departing to fight alongside the Greeks.
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A beautiful 15th Century basilica boasts interesting religious icons from the 15th-19th Century. The church is an excellent example of Corfu’s unique religious architecture, while artifacts showcase the role Corfu played in preserving the field of religious art as many Cretan artists fled to Corfu.
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This collection features a rare number of Byzantine artifacts, including mosaics, murals and icons.
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The Reading Society of Corfu constitutes one of the most important academic institutions in modern Greece. The first of its kind, it was founded in 1836 by illustrious Greek scholars of the period. The Society houses an important collection of books, maps, artwork and newspapers.
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This one-of-a-kind museum is unique in Greece and features antique gramophones, the island’s first radio, old records and antique cameras. Copies of the first issue of The Ionian newspaper can also be viewed.
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If you want to get a feel of what village life was like in Corfu, stroll through this museum. You’ll find a replica of a village homestead, as well as agricultural equipment, traditional Corfiot costumes and examples of Corfu’s ceramic objects.
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Visit the estate that belongs to the family of Ioanni Kapodistria, Greece’s first Prime Minister. Kapodistria’s personal items are on display here.
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If you’re a history buff, you’ll love this unique museum. Photographs and artifacts provide a record of Kefallonian life before the earthquake, from Venetian times up to 1953. You’ll get a taste of the architecture, domestic and agricultural life, as well as being able to admire 12thC manuscripts.
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Admire stunning religious icons that date back to the Byzantium. The Library and Museum are housed in a beautiful Lefkadan mansion.
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If you’re looking to get inspired like the great poet who wrote a number of poems during his stay in Kefallonia, head to Lakythra village and find Lord Byron’s rock. The poet loved the view from this rock, which gave him vistas of the whole island and the Ionian and the locals honored him in a plaque dedicated to him.
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Admire works of art by famous Corfiot painters, such as Kogevina, Pachis and Prosalenti.
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Admire an interesting collection of ceramic objects and art, including pieces from the peak of the art form’s popularity in Corfu.
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Founded by the Society for Environmental Protection, this beautiful museum raises awareness of the unique environmental and geological attributes of the region. Artifacts from Ainos Mountain and the national forest are featured here.
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This very unique museum was established by local volunteers who want to raise awareness of the wealth found in and the importance of the island’s surrounding marine ecosystem. The volunteers help with rescue missions and research expeditions as well as curating this museum.
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After being mercilessly massacred during WWI, the Serbian government and Army fled to Corfu for safety. This museum documents their plight and their subsequent life in Corfu, and displays military objects (including weapons) as well as medical equipment owned by Serbian doctors.
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Visit the house where Dionysis Solomos, Greece’s national poet, lived. On display you’ll find the desk where he penned his masterpieces, an autograph of his, interesting photographs and many manuscripts.
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