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Olympia boasts a sophisticated new museum containing some very old pieces indeed. Press the Read More link to discover its riches...
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This museum exhibits pieces mainly from the sacred temple of Dios in Olympia. The most important ones are gold seal-rings depicting the Olympic Games, bronze and terracotta geometric warriors and much more.
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Housed in a historic neoclassical building, the museum highlights local folk art, as well as manufacturing items both from Greece and abroad, used in the late 19th century. This is a true trip in time.
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Discover some 4000 objects and artefacts related to the life on the mountains around Olympia. From tools used for traditional crafts to heirlooms and manuscripts, learn about recent history in these parts, including wars.
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In an attractive building near the site of Olympia, the Museum of the Olympic Games houses memorabilia and objects related to the Olympics from ancient to modern times. These include postage stamps that commemorate the games.
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This wooden museum unveils the nature, history and culture of Ilia, as well as the oak forest of Pholoe, including its natural wealth, fauna, birds and flowers. It also explores the area's mythology, eco-tourism and fire protection.
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In the most impressive building in Ilia's capital, this museum used to be the city's main market yet now houses different archaeological collections as well as art exhibitions. If you're passing through Pyrgos, this is a must see!
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