Museums in Ikaria

A true gem of the island, this museum is housed in the former junior high school of Ikaria's capital.
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Located within the archaeological site of Kambos, this museum contains artefacts from the areas of Kambos (ancient Oinoe), Nas (temple of Tavropolio Artemis), Arethousa, Christos Raches, Proespera and Frantato, among many others.
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Housed in the former cultural centre of the island, the Folklore Museum of Agios Kyrikos showcases a large collection of noteworthy objects, such as traditional costumes, textiles
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The Folklore Museum of Vrakadon can be found in the northwestern area of the island known as Raches, in the village of Vrakades.
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This private collection belonging to P. Safou can be found in the village of Katafygi and displays carvings inspired by mythology, religion, and the natural world, such as dolphins and turtles.
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This museum is actually an old stone home of an Ikarian who once offered accommodation to the famous composer and his companions during their exile on the island.
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This small Museum of Agios Polikarpou is located in the eponymous village within the area of Raches. It includes a small selection of important, cultural artefacts.
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