Museums in Hydra

Housed within the old cells of the Monastery of the Domitian of the Virgin Mary, it contains a collection featuring objects found in religious ceremonies and traditions.
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This museum houses objects from the Balkan, First and Second World Wars. A gallery featuring oil and water paintings of war ships done by well-known artists can be found on the first floor.
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The traditional architecture of Hydra is impressive and unique, with several mansions that particularly stand out. Two have been turned into museums, specifically the Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis and Pavlos Kountouriotis.
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This museum can be found in the Koundouriotis Family mansion, with objects that tell the story of everyday life on the island throughout the previous centuries.
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This unique pharmacy has kept its original structure and design for the past two generations and still operates as an everyday pharmacy. However, it looks and feels more like a museum, as a step through its door is similar to a step back in time.
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