Museums in Fokida

Two museums in one building, the Archaeological Collection of Galaxidi reflects life in antiquity including commerce, burial and more, with findings dating grom the Bronze age to the late antique period.
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One of the most important museums in the country, displaying the history of Delphi and its powerful oracle. Stunning statues, architectural sculpture and gifts to the sanctuary are exhibited.
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If you're in Efpalio, you can visit the folk art or popular art museum which reflects the works and handicrafts of the people of this area.
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Founded by the women's society of the area, this museum will unveil Greek traditions and artisan skills to give every visitor an idea of what makes this part of the country so unique. Traditional costumes, embroidery, wooden sculpture, old photos, war medals, cloth and many other objects are on display.
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In the village of Gravia, the Gravia Inn has become a museum that shows how the Greeks succeeded in their revolution against Ottoman occupation. There are also graves of World War I soldiers in the town.
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More a theme park than a museum, this is a great place to learn about bauxite mining and take an old wagon train into the bowels of the earth to understand how important this mineral was for the people and commercial viability of the area. A great visit for families with children.
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The enchanting brick and stone home that belonged to the poet Angelos Sikelianos and his wife Eva is now the museum that commemorates their work and the couple's attempts to revive the Pythian Games. They also staged Greek tragedies in Delphi's theatre in the 30s. The house offers spectacular views too.
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