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The Archaeological Museum  and the Folklore Museum are two interesting city attractions worth visiting in Chalkida. Elsewhere in Central Evia, you can head to the Anastasios Liaskos Historical-War Museum in Kontodespoti (north middle part of Central Evia). Noteworthy as well is the Folklore Museum of Kymi (Southern coast of Central Evia) considered one of the best regional museums in the country. Lastly Central Evia boasts the Folklore Museum of Ano Vatheia and the Folklore Museum of Avlonari, giving you interesting insight into how the region's inhabitants lived in the not-so-distant past.

Located in the centre of this popular resort town, the museum houses a variety of items which highlight what life was like throughout the region from the years of Turkish occupation to the present.
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This small yet interesting exhibit is housed in the same building as the public baths of the municipality. Some noteworthy artefacts include a marble depiction of Hercules and a Roman statue of the demigod.
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Halkida’s Archaeological Museum is one of Evia’s most extensive collections of island’s past. Featuring artefacts from the Neolithic Era down to the Late Roman Empire, visitors are offered a rare and in-depth look at Evia’s history down through the ages.
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Karystos’ Archaeological Museum as well as the Giokalio Institute are housed within the same building along the coastal road of Karystos.
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Housed in a restored Venetian fortification, Halkida’s Folklore Museum offers visitors a chance to see what country and city life was like long ago.
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In the centre of Karystos, a restored family mansion which belonged to the Moskhona family houses a wide range of items dating back decades ago.
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Housed in a three-storey neoclassical building in the centre of town, Kymi’s Folklore museum has been characterised as one of the best museums of its kind throughout Greece.
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Take a step back in time on entering the Folklore Museum of Psachna located within a restored building in the centre of Psachna.
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Housed in a beautifully restored neoclassical mansion dating back to 1880, this collection is a living monument to Limni’s past.
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The home of Greece’s largest collection of stuffed birds as well as a large variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, rocks and minerals, fossils and shells is this large and impressive museum in the northern town of Istieia.
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Without a doubt one of the region’s most unique collections is this museum showcasing a number of finds from the petrified forest located mere kilometres from the building.
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Aiming to educate the public on the rich variety of creatures under the surrounding waters of the Aegean and Evian Gulf, series of aquariums full of fish, crustaceans and sea plants are on display.
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Get an in-depth look on the history and mystery of southern Evia’s Drakospita as well as its numerous plant and animal species at the Centre for Environmental Awareness between the villages of Kalyvia and Nikasi just north of Karystos.
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