Museums in Dodecanese

Let this little museum dating from the Italian occupation of the island before WWII take you back thousands of years in time. Situated in a classical building, this museum boasts objects from prehistoric times up to the Neolithic era.
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Recent history and ancient history come together in this tiny museum right in the center of the village of Arkasa. It holds archeological finds from the acropolis of Arkasa and the Church of Agia Anastasia (today the Church of Agia Sophia).
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If you’re a history buff or want to find out more about Patmos’ religious culture, then this Center is a wonderful interactive way of learning more about all aspects of Patmos’ Christian heritage.
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This tiny village museum in Pylon, a picturesque village with a view, contains interesting handmade clay and straw objects, tools and a variety of items used in everyday rural life across the island.
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Within this UNESCO World Heritage Site you’ll find a stunning museum featuring artifacts that are truly one-of-a-kind. Admire ancient icons, religious vessels and relics.
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The attractive village of Menetes not far from Pigadia unveils a range of household and agricultural paraphernalia, including traditional machines built by old ironmongers and carpenters. Open daily from 9 am to 1 pm!
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This new museum will take you on a journey of Kalymnos’ history from its earliest Prehistoric evidence right through to the Byzantium. Amongst the many artifacts, make it a point to admire the famed Kore of Kalymnou statue. The folds of her dress drape to make her seem real and alive. Also admire the Kouros statue.
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Another tiny museum that is magical in a way, combining mosaic floors with hand embroidered material, woodwork, rugs, furniture, traditional art and household objects. Kids will love it too!Open daily from 10 am to 1 pm!
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This museum, also called The Kalymniote House, is a stunning folklore museum that will help you understand everyday life on the island throughout history.
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If Kalymnos’ sponge-diving traditions and history fascinate you, admire the artifacts in this museum. You’ll see on display all the various vessels and gear used in sponge-diving as well as photographs of the divers and their everyday life.
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This private collector gathered a number of artifacts found underwater, including petrified sponges, enormous fish, and other objects recovered from the sea. German weapons and rifles used in other battles are also on display in this stunning museum.
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This beautiful neoclassical mansion was owned by Nikolaos Vouvalis and his family, one of the largest sponge exporters in the world. The interior is intact and offers visitors a glimpse into the everyday life of Kalymnos’ affluent upper-class.
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