Museums in Aegina

Archaeological findings found throughout the island as well as its important role in the early formation of the Modern Greek state have contributed to some fascinating artifacts worth visiting housed in Aegina's museums.

Greece's first Archaeological museum was built by Ioannis Kapodistriou in 1828. The current building was built in 1980 and is located near the archaeological site of Kolona.
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This fascinating collection of art is located 3 kilometers northwest of Aegina Town. It's named after the famous Greek sculptor whose works include pieces made from stone and wood, some of which were inspired by Greek resistance
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Located in a restored 18th century building, this museum contains a number of objects which chronicle Aegina's modern history. The building has a replications of what a typical Aeginetan home may have looked like 200 years ago and includes representations of the lives of fishermen and common villagers.
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