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Exactly 50 years after the Nazi occupation massacred almost 700 male inhabitants over the age of 12 in Kalavryrta, the Museum of Sacrifice opened its doors to honour the fallen. The massacre happened in December 1943 in retribution for the killing of 81 German soldiers captured by the resistance.
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Thanks to isolated biotopes, hundreds of islands and a varied topography like no other, the Botanical museum claims it has around 150,000 samples of plant life. To be fair, the sample is both from Greece and from around the Mediterranean region, but mostly Greek.
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The Folk Art Museum is housed in one of the more venerable buildings in the famed Skagiopouleio neighbourhood known for its wartime orphanage. Embark on a trip into Greek city and country life of decades past, with a vigorous mix of folkloric items that unveil a totally different era in this part of the world.
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This museum features rare editions of books, newspapers as far back as 1875, historic magazines and valuable documents. The latter includes the first address of the 3rd National Assembly of the Greeks, sent in 1827 to Ioannis Kapodistrias, the country's prime minister, just as Patras was gaining its independence.
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