Mountain climbing in Trikala

Mountain-climbers will be mesmerized by all the interesting and stunning trails to follow through all the beautiful, lushly forested mountains around Trikala. In the spring and summer, mountain climbing is a perfect sport for anyone who wants to explore the area, which includes unique centuries’ old monasteries, while really immersing themselves in the pristine natural landscape. Trikala is a veritable once-in-a-lifetime experience when it comes to admiring nature in a pristine state. So take advantage of all the incredible sights you’ll be treated to with the region’s mountains and alpine-like meadows as you plan your route. Don’t forget to ask the locals in the mountain villages you’ll no doubt stop in for any little-known sights in the area.


Area around Elati Village: This village sits atop Koziakas Mountain, which is one of the largest and most beautiful mountains in Greece. Summer is the perfect season for mountain climbing through the area, where you’ll no doubt be mesmerized by the seemingly endless lush fir forest – it’s the largest in Greece.
Area around Neraidohori village: If you love exploring mountains, begin in Neraidohori, located at an altitude of 1140m. If you love the sport, you will enjoy trekking through the mountain to find the many springs that appear between thickets of fir forest. From here you can climb to the Peak of Avgo Mountain, as well as the top of Marosa and Neraida Mountains.

Area around Pili town: Located at the beginning of a canyon, you’ll be stunned by the beautiful mountains and rivers in the area. Climb through the landscape and reach the Monastery of St. Vissarion at an altitude of 1650 meters.
Koziakas Mountain: This mountain is a haven for mountain climbers, as it’s part of the Natura network. The E4 European Trail is an important part of the mountain which is perfect for a stunning route through the mountain’s natural beauty. Some not-to-be-missed sights you’ll encounter as you hike through the mountain include Kontina Waterfall, Kokkino Vraho rock, rivers, canyons drowning in elm, oak, fir and beech trees, refreshing springs perfect for a respite during your trek along the eastern slope, and the villages of Haliki and Lepenitsa. You can also follow a number of unmarked trails that will take you through stunning vistas and end at the peaks of all the nearby mountains. The trails include the route from Pirra to Avgo Mountain, the route from Neraidohori to Marosa Mountain, the route from Pertouliotika Livadia to Astrapi – the peak of Koziakas Mountain, the route from Klino to Trissia, the route from Pertouli to Neraida Mountain, and the route from Haliki to Peristeri.


Pertouli Ski Resort (Pertouli Town): You’ll find a veritable treasure along the slopes of Koziakas Mountain if you’re a mountain climber. Pertouli ski resort is one of the most beautiful in the country as you’ll find yourself hugged by Greece’s biggest and most beautiful and pristine fir forest. There are 3 slopes and 3 cross-country ski routes that are perfect for mountain climbing in the summer. Don’t miss this ski resort in the spring and summer, as you’ll feel like you’re hiking amidst oceans of huge fir trees.
Contact the Mountaineering Association of Trikala for more information as well as any tips and advice you’ll need from experts. Tel.: +30 24310 28943

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