Messinia Mountain Climbing

Experienced climbers can enjoy a variety of routes, although some are not labelled well (or not labelled at all in certain cases).


·         Climbing from Anavryti to Tsarkos (1 hour and 45 minutes), to the botanical sation located at 1,700 meters. Continue from Ai Nikos 
         Spring to Karea, Panagia and Kapsodermatousa, then from Koskaraka Canyon to GAitses or Pegadia.
·         Climbing from the Spata EOS Mountain Refuge on to Portoes, Halasmeno Vouno, Sidirokastro, Rintomo and Panagia Kapsodermatousa.
·         Climbing from the Spata EOS Mountain Refuge to Portes, Sidirokastro, Vintoli Canyon, Panagia Kapsodermatoussa and Gaites
        (National Path No 32).
·         Crossing the Vyros Canyon from Ayios Demitrios and down to Kardamyli.
·         Climbing over the Pentadaktylos mountain.
Avid mountain climbers have been known to visit the peaks of Mount Taygetos such as Marmarokastro, Annina, Vassiliki, Lipovouni, Xerovouna and Neraidovouna.
·         Greek Mountaineering Association of Kalamata
           E.O.S. Kalamata 
           Alsos of Harbor, 241 00 Kalamata
           Telephone: 27210-77733, 27210-21129, 27210-78223
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