Mountain climbing in Agrafa offers many mountain climbing routes, in landscapes of unique beauty. The two mountain shelters of Agrafa can act as starting points: The Karamanolis shelter, situated in the ski center of the same name, at an altitude of 1,536 meters (Info: Mountaineering Ski Club of Karditsa, +30 24410 70946). The second shelter of Agrafa is situated in the Elatakos area at an altitude of 1,455 meters (Info: Developmental Corporation of Karditsa, +30 24410 26345).


Pezoula is a lakeside settlement on the shores of Lake Plastiras, within the Nevropoli Agrafon municipality, 900 meters above sea level. There are approximately 850 acres of forest within the village area consisting of stands of fir, chestnuts and oak. A well-maintained dirt road leads from the Ski Centre to the Climber's Shelter. The cave of Drakotripa (Dragon Hole) is about one kilometre west of the village towards the peak of Karamanolis. The view of Lake Plastira from the peak of Karamanolis at an altitude of 1,500 metres is magnificent. Another exceptional viewpoint is that of Monaho Klari above Neraida.


The following suggested itineraries are particularly interesting thanks to the beauty of the natural landscape. A particularly good time to visit is from Spring to early summer for the many wildflowers that grow in these areas.
1. Neraida village – Karamanoli site – Voutsikaki peak. Duration of hike about 8 hours (return) from Neraida, and about 6 hours (return) from Karamanoli.
2. Mountain of Agios Nikolaos (about 1,500m) Duration of hike about 5 hours (return).
3. Zygogianeika (Belokomitis forest) – Portes Agrafon. Duration of hike about 5 hours (return).
4. Kerassia village - Kazarma. At the top there is the old forest fire observation deck. Duration of hike about 7 hours (return).
5. Zygogianeika – Borlero Mountain. Duration of hike about 5-6 hours (return).
Moloha within the Kallifoni Township at an altitude of 820 metres is surrounded by many peaks that rise up to 2,000 metres. The area is ideal for nature lovers, trekkers and climbers. The surrounding mountain peaks are magnificent. The peak of Kaprovouni has an elevation of 1,600 metres. The peak of Tatsi is 1,654 metres. Spanos Mountain reaches 1,560 metres and Biza is 1,480 metres, so is the peak of Tria Synora. Between Aidonohori and Moloha are the peaks of the Voulgaras Range are at 1,600 metres in elevation. There is the site called Voulgaromnimata where Agrafa warriors in 996 AD were victorious against the armies of the Bulgarian Kingdom. In the forests of Moloha live deer, bear, and wild boar. There are also many springs.
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