Mountain Climbing in Fthiotida

The northern slopes of Vardousia, which include Anatoli, Marmara, Dafni and Kolkithia, are considered beautiful and ideal for mountaineering. This also applies to the slopes between Vardiki and Diaselo of Oxia. There are shelters for mountain climbing set up by the Greek Mountain Climbing and Skiing Association at the following points in Fthiotida:

  • Mount Oiti (at Trapeza, 1,800 meters)
  • Grammeni Oxia (at Karvounolaka, 1,700 meters)
  • Vardoussia (at Pitimaliko, 1,750 meters)

The mountaineering tracks between Mount Parnassos and Tithorea are worth investigating.

Other Activities for Fthiotida

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