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At an elevation of 1743 meters (5720 feet), the volcano-like Mount Dirfys in the heart of Evia will amaze adventure seekers and hikers. Download the Mt. Dirfys topoGuide here, complete with 13 hiking routes, 2 MTB routes, 2 marathon race routes and an SUV tour. Easy and moderate trails available, including challenging mountain ascents over a total length of 70 km (43 miles). The detailed offline maps, in-depth information, pop-up photos and points of interest were compiled in 2016.

Mt. Dirfys

Evia’s tallest mountain is logically also the best spot for mountain climbing throughout the island. Reaching 1743 m., the climb to its summit is considered more of a challenging hike, and its unique position between the Euboean Gulf and Aegean Sea causes it to experience weather similar to that of much higher altitudes, causing inexperienced climbers to turn back due to conditions. Expect snow in winter and a cool climate in the warmer months. 

There is a mountain refuge just beyond the village of Steni where explorers can stay along the way. Tours can be arranged with the Alpine Club of Halkida (Chalkis).
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