Mountaineering in Achaia

As with hiking, the Vouraikos Canyon is a superb starting point for mountaineering. Over half of Achaia is chock full of mountains and valleys, such as the Erymanthos mountain at 2,220 meters, the Chelmos mountain at 2,138 meters, and the Panachaikos mountain at 1,924 meters.


Mount Erymanthos on the border of the Ilia prefecture is as exciting as it is challenging. It offers four ascents that are moderately difficult to quite difficult:

  1. Begin from Miha village and head for Muggila peak up to the summit, at the top of Olenos mountain (2,224 meters).
  2. Climb from the historic village Kalentzi up to Profitis Ilias (2,214 meters), continuing to Mount Erymanthos.
  3. Somewhat easier, begin from the village of Alepochori and follow the path parallel to Katarraktis until you reach the Monastery of Taxiarches at 1,000 meters of altitude.
  4. Head from Metochi Vlassias to Kallifoni peak at 1,996 meters.


Mount Panachaikos, closer to Patras, features three ascents to the top, considered mostly of medium difficulty level: Head up from the village of Pournarokastro to the mountain shelter of Psarthi which falls under the responsibility of the Greek Mountain Club. Continue climbing to Ai-Giorgis mountain at 1,806 meters, then return through the village of Ano Kastritsi or continue climbing from Pournarokastro up to Vodia and the Prassoudi mountain shelters. You will end up in Palavou Pyrgou at 1,926 meters above sea level. Alternatively, from Ano Kastritsi you can climb up to Pigi Paschalianon, which ends at Dritselo and the Prassoudi shelter, at an elevation of 1,594 meters.

Mount Chelmos is ideal for climbers with limited experience, with four main ascents taking you to the top, categorized from medium to high difficulty.

  1. Start your ascent from the Kalavrita Ski Resort to reach the Stiga Waterfalls (Idata Stigos) at 2,100 meters. Follow the path from the Mountain Shelter to Neradorachi to Psili Korifi and on to Mavrolimni
  2. Alternatively you can climb from Peristera or Solos to reach the Styga Waterfalls
  3. Climb from the village of Fteri Aigiou to reach the Klokos peak at 1,777 meters
  4. Take the E4 trail from Diakopto near Kalavrita and head to Lykouria, passing through Zachlorou, Kalavrita, Kato Loussoi, Planitero, Arvouna, Agios Nikolaos, Tourlada and Krinofyta.

Mount Afrodissio offers 3 ascents of medium difficulty:

  1. Begin the Ladonas river springs and head through the village of Pagrati to reach Klima Pafsania or Pausanias Vineyard at 860 meters of elevation.
  2. Begin from Skepasto at 700 meters and cross Panagia Plataniotissa, heading on the path up towards the Monastery of Makellaria.
  3. Alternatively take the easy path from Nassia at 700 meters and follow the trail to the end of lake Ladonas, passing by the Barbo forest, Kokkinovryssi and Ksirokritena.


There are also numerous crags made of limestone, ranging from a height of 20 meters to 700 meters, be they by the coast or atop mountains. The crags vary in colour, texture angle and level of difficulty, with many considered on the 7th or 8th level of difficulty on the French scale. This makes the area attractive for extreme climbing, which is best done in spring or autumn. Here are some crags with notes:

  • Alepochori: with tuffas classic overhangs
  • Chatzouri: Also known as "the temple"
  • Chelmos: reaching an altitude of 2,200 meters
  • Kalogria: spectacular views next to the beach
  • Kleisoura: very large and steep
  • Portes: features a large underground cave
  • Santameri: amazing setting
  • Spartia: with a small and steep cave
  • Vasiliki: lies not far from the sea near Varasova


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