Landmarks in Serres

In operation since 1970 in the old 15-century six-domed Turkish textile market, the museum has finds from the Neolithic, Bronze, Hellenistic and Roman eras and Byzantium. One of only two remaining Ottoman-era “bezesteni” (textile) markets in Greece.
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The five-arched stone bridge of Aggista, where the Aggitis Gorge ends, is one of the most picturesque manmade creations in all of Serres. Near the bridge sits the 4th-century-BC ancient Lion of Amphipolis, only unearthed in 1913.
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Sitting on the edge of a deep ravine with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, legend has it that this huge boulder is the spot from which poor heartbroken Katiga is said to have leapt to her death. The path that leads to the rock is one of the most scenic. See wildlife/fauna for more on the forest.
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Just inland from the coast of the Strymonas Gulf sits the monument to the villagers of Kerdilia. On October 17, 1941, over 230 men and boys were massacred in the first mass execution by the Nazis in Greece.
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At the northeastern tip of Lake Kerkini and on the railway line, this aquarium features the 31 varieties of fish found in the lake.
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