Landmarks in Northern Evia

The charming village of Gouvies just 15 klm. Northeast of Istiaia is home to what is today referred to as the Drosini Tower. Its name comes from the last person to call it home, the poet Georgios Drosinis, one of the most famous throughout Modern Greek literature.
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In the seaside town of Loutra Aidipsos stand the ruins of a Frankish tower believed to have been the residence of the former Baroness of Aidipsos and Lichada, Petronella Tokko.
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A well preserved and hauntingly beautiful Venetian tower sits in the centre of the picturesque seaside village of Rovies. The three-storey tower which dates back to the 13th century houses the community’s public collection of antique tools and objects of the town’s past.
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