Landmarks in North Aegean

The lighthouse of Cape Papa has been declared a cultural heritage site. Built sometime between 1886 and 1890 by the French Lighthouse Company while the island was still under rule of the Ottoman Empire.
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Located in the middle of the sea, about 20 metres from the village of Chrysostomos, lies the rock of mythological Icarus, who is said to have lost his wings and fallen into the sea at that point.
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This mosque is a gem, and you’ll be able to admire the area’s Ottoman influences in its wonderful detailing. It was built in 1825, and is perfectly preserved. As you make your way to the mosque, explore the surrounding neighborhood. It was one of the Turkish areas on the island during Ottoman rule.
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Admire these Turkish baths which portray the varied influences on Lesvos’ history and architecture. The bath is perfectly preserved and reflects Ottoman culture in Lesvos. The Harsi Hamam is now used as a cultural center, so take advantage of the many events that take place in this stunning building.
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This stunning stone bridge is a gem. Built by the Genoese Gattelusi family in the 1300s, you’ll love its medieval architecture. It’s perfectly preserved so admire the stone masonry and design. While you’re there, hike through the surrounding area. You’ll be astounded by the many medieval ruins.
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