Landmarks in Lakonia

Cape Tainaro (or Tenaro) the southernmost point of mainland Europe, also belongs to the Municipality. Its lighthouse was constructed by the French in 1882 in Paris and renovated in 1930. Since 1984 it is powered by solar energy.
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The traditional olive mill of the two siblings Christos and Aggeliki Vergadou and the two watermills of Nikolaos Psathas and the heirs of Dimitrios Psathas are worth a visit.
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The historical furnace and lime kiln is located in an area of Agoriani called Neraidovrisi and has been there since at least the beginning of the 20th century, with evidence that it may have existed long before that. It was used for the melting of limestone and its conversion into lime.
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At Vasilakio in the municipality of Krokees, there are remains of the towers of the Bardouniotes Turks dating from Ottoman rule. Mavromihalis Tower and Kapetanakis Tower in Areopolis are other landmarks of interest which have been restored. The Mavromihalis Tower is now a four-star hotel.
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