Landmarks in Kythera

Kythera offers an array of diverse landmarks which will grab your attention between your rewarding hikes and refreshing swims. Lighthouses, historic buildings, and noteworthy sites make Kythera a truly remarkable island for an experience-rich vacation.


Local legend has it that a Kytherean decided to rebel against the Ottoman law that required Greek men to hand over their wives the local Ottoman leader on their wedding night.
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This stunning stone bridge consists of 13 arches and 12 domes, is 110m long and 15m tall. Built by McFale during the British occupation in 1826, it constituted a significant improvement to local infrastructure.
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The Mentor sank in 1802 off Avlemona harbor as it transported the Parthenon Marbles on behalf of Lord Elgin. Locals recovered a number of items belonging to the crew, including a clock that stopped at the exact time of the sinking.
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This Venetian building preserves the history of the island from the 16thC onward and is the most complete record of Ionian history.
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This natural monument is the island’s pride and joy. The sempreviva flower flourishes here and a sea-cave offers visitors stunning greens and blues when the afternoon sun streams in. There’s a beach as well for a quick dip.
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This is a stunning example of British architecture. Built in 1825, it features Gothic windows and was built by the British in order to foster education on the island. The locals welcomed this effort .
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Built by the British in 1857, it stands 25m tall and is the highest lighthouse built during English occupation in Greece. It offers stunning views off the northernmost tip of the island.
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This theater is a replica of Epidavros theater and hosts a number of cultural activities every summer, including plays and concerts.
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