Landmarks in Corfu (Kerkyra)

This small islet encompasses much of Corfu’s socio-political history and is now a National Monument. Hidden among the islet’s lush green landscape you’ll find a 16th Century monastery, a hospital and a leprosarium.
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Make it a point to visit this unique islet. Take a small boat across where you’ll find a lush green landscape with a thriving ecosystem. The forest of pine and palm trees provides an excellent habitat for pheasants, hares, partridges and wild rabbits.
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Empress Sissy of Austria built this stunning 19th Century palace as a safe haven after the death of her son. An avid scholar of Greek history and mythology, Sissy commissioned numerous works of art based on Greek mythology and civilization, including statues, murals and paintings for Achilleion.
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Designed by the French in the 1800s, the tall arcaded buildings now house fashionable restaurants and cafés on the colonnaded ground floor - complete with old-fashioned street lamps adorning each arch. Its name was inspired by the island’s List of Nobility as aristocrats regularly frequented this area.
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This neoclassical mansion from 1828 testifies to the love between the British Commissioner and his Corfiot wife. It now houses the Paleopolis Museum, works of art, furniture and other items documenting the estate’s intriguing cultural and political history. Archeological attractions dot the grounds.
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Located in Spianada square, this beautiful Georgian building was commissioned by Thomas Maitland and originally housed the offices and residences of the British Commissioners. Now it is home to the Museum of Asian Art and the Municipal Art Gallery.
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This 150 year-old soap factory still uses traditional methods to manufacture hand-made soap. The company’s products are extremely popular exports as the main ingredient consists of locally-grown olive oil.
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This lush green islet off the coast is a trademark of Corfu. In effect, the tiny islet is a tree-covered rock and essentially a unique ecosystem. A 16th Century Byzantine church nestles in the thicket. Pontikonisi is accessible by boat (a 10 minute ride) and only at certain times in order to preserve the phenomenon.
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Built in the 1600s and the first of its kind in Greece, it was an illustrious theatre where Italian and Greek composers staged plays and operas to the aristocracy’s delight. Now Corfu’s City Hall, it served as an informal audition for operas destined for the Scala di Milano in its glory days.
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One of the biggest squares in Greece, Spianada’s rolling lawns and vast open spaces afford terrific views of the Old and New Ports.
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Admire the island’s only synagogue on Solomou Square to get a sense of the important role Corfu’s Jewish population played in the past. The Jewish Community Centre will help you arrange a visit to this stunning synagogue.
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