Landmarks in Aegina

The crucial role in both the Greek Revolution and as the first seat of government for the newly liberated state have endowed Aegina town with some remarkable historical structures.

First president of the burgeoning Greek state Ioannis Kapodistriou built this orphanage in the southeast section of the city.
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This rose-colored Venetian tower may be ruined but that only adds charm to the modern state's first headquarters from 1816-1828. The structure is next to a peaceful square a few streets inland from the harbor and is named after the man who built it.
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Decisions concerning the future of the newly liberated state were made in this first parliament building from 1827 -1828. Touring the Cathedral makes one feel almost as if they are transported back in time to the country's founding days and the historic artifacts as well as icons and murals make it well worth the visit.
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Next to the Cathedral lies this neoclassical building given to the island in 1830 by a Swiss banker named Eunardios. It was turned into a school of teaching and offered prospective educators three-month training courses
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Another building which traces its roots back to the early days of the newly formed state is the Government House. The leader of liberated Greece, Ioannis Kapodistriou resided here and the structure also contained offices and records. The island's modern day archives are stored on the first floor of the building.
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