Hiking in Xanthi

Nestos River and Nestos Delta
The Nestos river has attracted eco-visitors for decades, a perfect locale for hiking, horseback riding, birdwatching, mountain climbing, canoeing, cycling, kayaking and rappelling. These activities in the land of Orpheus take place in magical corners of the Xanthi region like Galani, Komnina, Kromniko, Livadero, Stavroupolis, Toxotes and others. The Nestos Delta in Xanthi, where the river meets the sea, is also another enchanting place with dreamy sceneries. Worth nothing too is the area of Abdera which hosts a unique ecosystem of lakes, lagoons and valuable wetlands.

Kosinthos River
The Kosinthos river is also part of the Xanthi landscape, with stone bridges and intriguing pathways between villages and forgotten spots. Visit Halil’s watermill – one of the few that still exist today – to travel back through time.

Nature in Livaditis
The paths of Livaditis, a lovely mountain village some 50km away from Xanthi, in the western part of the region offers sign-posted hiking paths which are connected to the E6 hiking trail. The area offers climbing, skiing and mountain biking, embedded with nature's splendour and a spectacular waterfall. The nature continues around the village of Evrimanthos where fauna and flora compete to engulf the senses. Mushrooms are highly prized in this area and there is a large variety to discover. Also visit the Chaintous forest and the area of Arkoudorema (Bear Stream), a true ecological paradise. In June the Sarakatsan festival showcases local customs of these people that form a strong part of the area's character.


Virgin Forest of Frakto
This forest is located on the highest peak of the Rodopi mountains, 1,953 meters high. It is said to be the only virgin forest in Greece and considered one of the most important in Europe due to its large ecological and historical value. It lies a protected area so visitors are kindly asked to respect the forest.


Rafting, canyoning, kayaking, climbing, hiking and more around the lovely natural regions of Xanthi. Rivers, nesting birds, the Lepida Waterfalls, Bridge of Papa, Agia Varvara Waterfalls and much more to see with this eco company.
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