Tinos Hiking

Hiking trails abound in Tinos, particularly in the bowels of the island. Some of the ancient hiking trails are still in operation, such as between Hora and Ktikados. Some trails are pretty much signposted, such as the hike from Falatados and Mirsini heading to Livada. There are hiking maps on the island that may be a bit tricky to decipher, but well worth the effort. We would like to commend TinosMap.gr the recent site (2012) that highlights ten different hiking trails of Tinos in English and Greek. The trails unveil the best of Tinos in terms of flora, sites and landmarks. 



An Athletic Association named “Aineias Tinou” which will unveil the island of Tinos. Hike, rock climb or do bouldering. Go on organized hiking tours to Campos-Chatzirados-Ktikados and other beautiful places of the island.
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