Southern Evia is a hikers dream. Mt. Ochi and the gorges of Agios Dimitrios, Archampoli and Demosaris provide a backdrop of thick forests, rocky cliffs, refreshing waterfalls and dazzling pools of water to enchant walkers of all abilities. The fact that most trails lead to hidden, pristine beaches is a plus, though one of the greatest advantages of hiking throughout the region is that it can be done year-round.


Agios Dimitrios Gorge                                            Time: 1.5 hours                 Difficulty: Easy

Despite the fact that a road now passes along the bottom of the gorge, hikers can still choose from a variety of different trails that traverse the ravine. The easiest and most popular route is one which begins from the village of Agios Dimitrios and descends through the gorge until reaching the impressive beach of Schinodavila.

Agios Dimitrios Gorge (Sara Trail)                         Time: 2.5 hours                  Difficulty: Easy

A newly-built road through the gorge means walkers can choose to start at the end of the gorge westward towards Sara instead of starting from the gorge’s beginning. The path is particularly breathtaking as it follows the Aegean coast for the majority of the way.


 Archampoli Gorge – Archampoli Beach                  Time: 1 hour                      Difficulty: Easy

There are several ways through Archampoli Gorge, though the southernmost path that begins within the village of Evangelismos is the easiest. Along the way walkers will get a chance to follow the Archampolis stream passing colourful wildflowers and sapphire pools along the way. The ruins of an ancient settlement can be seen within the rocks before the path descends to the magnificent beach of Archampolis.

Dimosaris Gorge                                                     Time: 4 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

The municipality of Karystos offers an extremely convenient bus service which transports walkers to the start of the path throughout the warm months. Though slightly lengthy, the route of the trail is entirely a descent, and one which passes some of Evia’s most beautiful scenery complete with myriad wild flowers, diverse wildlife and a thick canopy of trees. Tumbling waterfalls and shallow pools make for unique bathing opportunities within untouched nature along the way. The path also crosses through picturesque villages like Lenosaioi and Kallianos before reaching Kallianos beach.


Drakospita (Styra) – Armenon Acroplis                Time: 2 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

This trail begins above the port of Styra at the site of some of the best-preserved Drakospita and continues towards the Armenon Acropolis.

Myloi – Mt. Refuge – Summit of Mt. Ochi               Time: 4 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

Despite the fact that this trail leads to the summit of Mt. Ochi and takes approximately four hours to complete, it’s a route that can be done by walkers of all abilities. Starting from the village of Myloi,  located a few kilometres north of Karystos. Walkers begin their ascent to Mt. Ochi heading eastward until reaching the Mt. Ochi refuge. From there it’s about an hour’s walk through the edge of the beautiful Kastanolongos forest until reaching Ochi’s summit and witnessing some of the most breathtaking views that Evia has to offer.

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