Hiking in Preveza

Trikastro - Glyki
One of the most interesting and popular routes throughout the region of Preveza is the path starting from the settlement of Glyki just over the border of the region into Ioannina. The path takes hikers through dense forest along the Acherontas River and eventually through the mountain and the Steps of Tzavelaina continuing on to the bridge at Despo. During the summer months, hikers may continue further though they will need to swim across the river once or twice before reaching the “Gates of Hades” outside the village of Mesopotamos. The route is easy, without significant changes in elevation and covers a distance of 10 kilometres. On average, it takes around 4 -5 hours to complete.

Lake Ziros
This area of immense beauty is a favourite for walkers and offers a marked path encircling the Lake. It starts and finishes at Palaio Paidopoli and care must be taken around the Northern section of the lake due to frequent flooding in the area. A small variety of cafes and tavernas can be found next to the lake and are the perfect way to relax after a day of hiking.

Strongyli – Strongyli Hill
The small village of Strongyli sits west of the Amvrakikos Gulf and lies within an area that enjoys frequent “traffic” of migrating birds. The route begins in village and continues out towards the hill of Strongyli. Hikers will pass the Church of Aiketerini built in 1872 and continue on to the observatory located at the top of the hill.

Strongyli – Mavrovouni Hill
From the village of Strongyli walkers can follow the dirt road leading up to the top of the hill. The path isn’t marked but the hill and road are visible from the village.

Tsopeli Lagoon
Another great area for exploring on foot is the Tsopeli Lagoon located 11 miles west of the city of Preveza along the Northern coast of the Amvrakikos Gulf. The lagoon is home to thousands of birds who nest along its banks and feed on the ample supply of fish. Walkers can also venture out onto the sandbar adjacent known as “shell beach” due to the thousands of empty shells leftover from the birds which cover the shore.


Lekatsa Forest
Just outside the village of Mersini lies the Forest of Lekatsa. It’s an enchanted place surrounded by green and full of flowers and wildlife. Hikers can either walk along road that winds through the forest and eventually passes the Lekatsa Monastery, or embark along one of the small unmarked paths which snake through the area.

Dexameni Zig Zag Road – The Cave of Agios Vlassios
Starting from the Sea Lakes of Rodias along the coast of the Amvrakikos Gulf, this route takes its hikers through thick forests full of birds and vegetation. The path continues on towards the Church of Panagia Rodias and then splits into two sections. The path on the right will take you to the small cave of Agios Vlassios.

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