Paros & Antiparos Hiking

The coastal areas and green slopes of Paros offer some great hiking adventures. You can hiki from Agia Pakou to the traditional village of KOstos with its beautiful churches, cobblestone streets and coffee under the plane trees. Pass through ancient olive groves in Apati to Lefkes, considered the most enchanting village on the island. There are also walks around Marpissa on the south-western side of Paros, with attractive churches and medieval monuments.


There is a good trail from Prodromos to Lefkes known as the Byzantine road. Another beautiful path is from Aneratza through Agios Giorgos to the Lefkes-Glifa road, in addition to a path in the area of Panagia Thapsanoon monastery. You will need a bus or taxi to reach most of these places to start hiking.

Other Activities for Paros & Antiparos

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