Northern Evia’s dense forests and mountain ranges provide walkers with plenty of routes which will take them through some of the island’s most picturesque corners. 

Agios – Prokopi                                Duration: 6 hours                             Difficulty: Easy

Fortunately, this lengthy trail is a leisurely walk starting in the village of Prokopi and continuing southward towards Agios. Along the way, hikers will venture around Kandili mountain and pass near the village of Paghondas.


Drymonas Falls – Mount Ksiron       Duration: 3.5 hours                             Difficulty: Easy

Though this picturesque route is a steady uphill hike up a mountain, the elevation is gradual. The lovely waterfalls just outside the village of Drymonas set the tone for this beautiful walk within the heart of northern Evia.

Mnimeio – Mt. Pyksarias                  Duration: 6.5                                   Difficulty: Moderate

One of the region’s more difficult hikes is this long and sometimes challenging route is this uphill climb from the area of Mnimeio towards the summit of Mt. Pyksarias.


Pyli – Mt. Pyksarias                        Duration: 2 hours                              Difficulty: Easy

One of the easier ways the reach the top of Pyksarias is this path starting in the small hamlet of pyli just 2 kilometres west of the Aegean coast. The path begins with an uphill climb towards the church of Panagia. From there, walkers will stay to the left of the ravine and pass several springs. Eventually it is possible to cross the ravine and continue from the right sight, heading up towards the peak of Mt. Pyksarias.

Vlachia – Mt. Pyksarias                 Duration: 6 hours                              Difficulty: Moderate

Another challenging hike is this long climb from the village of Vlachia southward up to Mt. Pyksaria’s highest peak. From Vlachia, hikers continue along a picturesque dirt road until reaching the actual path. From there things get trickier, with frequent steep climbs and careful footwork while crossing ravines. Along a good portion of the route, the views of the Aegean are breathtaking, though the path has several steep ridges along the way. Those who can make it to the end can boast about reaching the range’s highest point, at 1352 m.


Nileas Gorge                                    Duration: 2 hours                              Difficulty: Easy

A unique and picturesque path is this intriguing route through northern Evia’s famed gorge, Nileas. The route follows the river with the same name and begins from the village of Keramia. After passing a few kilometres of asphalt and dirt roads, the real path finally begins its scenic descent into the gorge. Along the way hikers will pass a thick canopy of trees and vegetation as well as very narrow passes through the overhead cliffs. Several parts of this journey involve walking through the river’s shallow parts, so hikers should plan accordingly. The path eventually brings walkers to the small village of Kerasia.

Kastaniotissa – Mt. Telethrio                Duration: 1 hour                       Difficulty: Easy

What this route may lack in difficulty and length, it more than makes up for in beauty. Particularly beautiful during autumn, this path begins from the village of Kastaniotissa and continues southward up into the low mountains of Telethrio. Along the way, walkers will pass under trees and arrive at several picturesque chapels. As the ascent towards the mountain intensifies, following the trail markers becomes more and more important as there are several crossroads along the way.

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