Naxos Hiking

Beyond the town, the relatively large Naxos is an amazing destination for hikers (the largest of the Cyclades), with relatively longer hikes than other islands. Hikers are better off staying in the interior part of the island such as Apiranthos, Chalki or Filoti. There are maps on the island that outline the wonderful walking paths. Be sure to prepare well for the longer hikes. Some publications (e.g. the book Naxos and the Small Cyclades) may detail as much as 30 hikes worth exploring.


In late 2008 the N1 path, part of the E4 European pathway, was opened to the public. The path features a distance of 47 kilometres, estimated at 22 walking hours. It begins at the port of Naxos and heads to Aggidia-Agio Thalalaio-Kourunochori, Mylous-Kouro tou Fleriou/Ano Potamia-Apano Kastro Tsikalario-Chalki-Kalosylo-Filoti-Agia Marina-Fotodoti-Apeirantho-Stavros Keramotis-Korono-Skado-Mesi-Apollonas.

Other Activities for Naxos

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