Hiking in Magnesia (Pelion)

Magnesia is a definite hikers' paradise, with Pelion being the star of the show. Old mountain trails from village to village are in good condition and now represent a formalized network of hiking paths.


Hiking in Pelion

This is a heavenly region for hiking, with numerous signposted stone-paved paths. Rich environments with lush greenery, mountains, valleys and interesting biodiversity await visitors. You will come across farms, monasteries, old buildings, springs and country churches along the way. Notable among the routes is the Path of the Centaurs, recently upgraded and sign-posted, starting from Alli Meria and ending in Alykopetra below Hania. Here are some other hiking routes in Pelion:

1. Chania – Kissos: A hike of medium difficulty spanning 8 km. It takes three hours and the altitude difference is 720 meters. Ideal for warmer months as a big part of the route goes through a thick beach forest.

2. Kissos – Aghios Ioannis: Easy downhill walk over 2.5 km, lasting one hour with a climb of 500 meters. Care should be taken on the partly asphalted parts of the route (i.e. main roads).


3. Kissos – Mouresi: A hike of medium difficulty, though lasting only 1.5 hours. It starts at a height of 3000 meters and the difference in elevation is 320. It is an interesting hike with a varied landscape. Cobblestone paths and villages on the way will delight you, but the signage is a bit unclear.

4. Mouresi – Aghios Ioannis: This is an easy hike over 2.6 km and takes about an hour. The difference in altitude is about 350 meters, walking on stone paths, dirt roads and asphalt. It could be combined with the Kissos – Mouressi hike.


5. Aghios Ioannis – Fakistra: A hike of medium difficulty lasting for 1.5 hours, this walk takes you over 4 km on stone, asphalt and dirt roads. There is an altitude difference of 145 meters on this popular route around Agios Ioannis. It takes you along the sea mostly.

6. Tsagarada – Damouhari: A 1.5-hour easy hike over four kilometres will take you on one of the best-kept cobblestone paths in the area.


7. Milies – Tsagarada: This is a hike of medium difficulty over 10 km, lasting a bit over 4 hours. The altitude difference is about 270 meters (first up, then down) and the hike is one of the most popular in Pelion. It goes from te Pegasitic Gulf to the Aegean.

Other routes:

Kala Nera – Milies
Agria – Anemoutsa
Tsagarada – Mylopotamos: 22 km
Sourpi – Ai-Lias (Vathyolakos signalled path)


The Centaurs' Journey is an interesting project that combines guided tours with hiking in the vicinity of Portaria. It is aimed at those who are inspired by the nature, culture, history and mythology of the area.

Hiking in Trikeri (At the lower tip of Pelion)

Trikeri -Agia Kiriaki
A traditional cobblestone path (1.5 km) starts from the Central Square in Trikeri and takes you to Agia Kiriak . This easy roots offers a majestic view over the Pegasitic Gulf. Walk it in the afternoon to enjoy the amazing sunset and when it sinks behind the horizon producing different colours.

Trikeri -Alogoporos
This is an asphalted path but worth walking on, as the route is amazing. Endless cedar forests will take you to the bluest of seas around the island of Palio Trikeri. It is only 4.5 km long where you find yourself at the beach of Alogoporos for a good swim. A sea taxi can take you to the island.


A cobblestone pavement joins Trikeri with Kottes. The route takes you through olive groves that passes and old water wells. According to the myth, fairies used to live in these wells and the waters were enchanted. Young ladies who looked in there could foresee their fate regarding their future mate.

The team at Hotel des Roses offers three very interesting tours that involve hiking, archaeology, swimming, swimming, soap-making, culture and mountain climbing. Check them out:
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Explore the magnificent region of Pelion with a great team. Hiking, biking and canyoning are on offer. Rent bicycles and the necessary gear, buy maps and books and fix your bike here. Activities for all ages.
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Pelion Secrets offers guided day-trips with sea kayaks to gorgeous small beaches of East Pelion. It also organizes hiking excursions on the old trails of the area and cooking classes that highlight local cuisine!
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It's really amazing how this group of dedicated locals reopened the old donkey footpaths between villages (Kalderimia) and revived ancient walking routes to reveal the best of South Pelion, thanks to the efforts of Mr. & Mrs. Wicks. Join them for one of their organized walks!
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Here's a very helpful website by Ruud Schreuder and Caroline Pluvier that lets you download maps of areas and embark on some amazing hikes. It was dedicated to the late Nikos Charatzis who was passionate about the region's paths (Kalderimia). Check out the amazing photos too! www.pelionwalks.com
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