Hiking in Lesvos

Lesvos boasts an interesting landscape with lush forests, wonderful orchards, enchanting groves and a network of rivers and streams that attract varied species to make up vital ecosystems. Avid hikers will find much to fall in love with as they explore this beautiful island. Make it a point to stop by old churches and explore remote villages as you hike your way through Lesvos.

There are no set trails, but Molivo is a wonderful place to begin your journey. Your path up the hills will take you by the castle, past the hot springs and eventually to the nearby mountain and Kastelia Forest. Agiasos village is another place to begin your hiking trip. This quaint mountain village is hugged by a lush chestnut forest which supports a vital ecosystem – so explore the surrounding area and make your way along the mountain to other villages. Admire the lush green landscape and keep an eye out for migratory birds and reptiles. You must stop by the Wild Animal Shelter in Koutra Horafi Forest next to Agiaso before you hike your way to Plati Forest and follow the coast of Geras Bay.


If you’re an avid hiker, explore the island’s many forests while enjoying your favorite sport. Trek through the lush forest of Ahlada Peristeries in the north-east, look out for rare species of birds in Koukouvagies-Ahladies Forest and stop by the wild animal shelter in Kilada Kelemia Forest in the north-west. Explore the thick groves in Mesoros Agra Forest, where volunteers shelter wounded wild animals then tour the greenest part of the island as you make your way from Maliontas Tavari Chrousos Forest, through the Petrified Forest to the cool green canopy of Skamniouda Forest and finally through beautiful villages to Kilada Kelemia’s Animal Shelter in the forest.

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