Hiking to the top of Mount Taygetos, i.e. to Prophitis Ilias at 2400 meters, can be an exhilarating experience for experienced hikers. Also worthwhile is the ascent to the top of Mount Parnonas, which is 1935 meters high.

The mountain villages in Therapnes host many summer resorts with numerous springs and plane trees. These villages act as a base for excursions into Mount Parnonas.


Hiking from Sparta to Mystras can be an amazing experience. Begin your hike at the end of Lycourgos Avenue in Sparta in the direction of Kalamata or Mystras, then follow the bank of Magoulitsa and Skatias towards the first few houses of Mystras, which should take you less than an hour. This is mostly a path paved with stone under the shade of trees, and is included in the European Long-distance Path E4. You can enjoy amazing views of Mount Taygetos and Mystras along the way, crossing two potable springs, the church of St. Andreas (post-Byzantine) and remains of a water mill.

In the northernmost part of Lakonia the town of Karyes represents the ideal location to begin a hiking through the paths of Mount Parnonas, which are also part of the E4 European hiking route. Nearby in Versthena there is the Monastery of Ayii Anargiri (Aghioi Anargiroi), and the whole area falls under the Ecological Park of Parnonas – Wetlands of Moustos. The villages together offer a fantastic network for hiking and great scenic routes.


The Municipality of Smynos north of Gythion boasts the river Smynos surrounded by forests, hills, springs, caves and gullies. Also in the area is the important forest of Vasiliki on Mount Taygetos, which is perfect for hiking. Hiking is also ideal around the river near Arna, with its ravine, old bridges and traditional water mills, particularly in summer. There is also the region of Petrina which is a refuge for many animals such as game, rabbits, partridges, thrushes and others. The E4 mountain route between the northern part of Mount Taygetos and Mani passes through the lovely municipality of Smynos, containing many traditional villages.

Lastly, in the municipality of Niata, around the village of Kremasti at a height of 800 meters, there are several springs and a fir-tree forest that offers many hiking possibilities.

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