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The Kefalonia TopoGuide, a fantastic new hiking app, has just been released for the island of Kefalonia, the biggest island of the Ionian Sea. Great images, 16 wondrous hiking routes, geological curiosities and even roadmaps will guide users on amazing island journeys. www.ecotourism-greece.com is proud to have contributed its insights to this app! You can download this app from Google Store here!

Here are some general trails you can read about:

The footpaths of Erissos (Northern Kefallonia - Fiscardo)

The 'footpaths of Erissos' is a small network of three beautiful trails around Fiscardo. The trails are all circular, and they offer access to remote beaches, archaeological treasures, beautiful villages and magical cypress forests. The network is managed by the Asteris Cultural Association (pfsasteris@yahoo.gr) and has been developed by Paths of Greece. 

Trail 1: The Lighthouse Trail

This short trail is the best option for a nice morning or afternoon’s walk near the picturesque city of Fiscardo. It moves along the Fournias Cap, which is an important prehistorical site. The trail passes by the beautiful Venetian Lighthouse, the British Lighthouse still in use, and the ruins of a Basilica that represented the largest Byzantine building of the Ionian Sea.

Trail 2: The Cypress Trail

The Cypress Trail runs mainly across a large cypress forest, as its name indicates. Easy to walk in summer too, it offers interesting insight on the way villages used to be connected before the roads where built. From many places the views to the channel between Kefallonia and Ithaki, along with the dark green color of the forest, are spectacular. 

Trail 3: The Battery Trail

This is the longest trail of the network. Easy to walk, it offers a fascinating journey into the nature and history of the area. Passing by old, ruined castles, traditional villages, and ancient Venetian trails, it reaches the Battery, a German military base of WWII. From there, the trail moves close to the coast, meandering by crystalline water beaches and under a dense strawberry tree forest, before finally returning to Fiscardo.


Paths of Greece

Paths of Greece is a small organization working on the development and promotion of hiking trails all over Greece. It has developed trails in Kythera, Antikythera, Serifos, Sifnos, Drama, Mt. Paggaio, Kefallonia, Monemvasia, Patmos, Mt. Ymittos, and elsewhere. More information here:

Hike your way through beautiful Ainos Mountain

Hikers will love the various trails that lead through Ainos Mountain. Explore Ainos Mountain and its extraordinary fir forest. Standing at 1600 meters, Ainos is the tallest mountain in the islands of the Ionian and constitutes the smallest National Forest in Greece. The thick forest of Kefallonian firs is a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon and supports a vital eco-system. These Kefallonian firs are non-hybridized and can only be found in Kefallonia, while the forest floor supports the fragile growth of Viola Kefallonica, a rare purple flower that’s carefully protected in the forest, so be sure to look out for them as you hike. The fir forest of Ainos Mountain offers the perfect habitat for wild horses, badgers, eagles, rabbits and foxes.

Trails through Ainos Mountain

Follow the routes that traverse the mountain ridge. Although not clearly marked, one route begins in Agrapidies and winds its way into the heart of the forest. You can also follow the route that begins in Arginia village. Another favorite route begins at Agios Eleftherios pass and leads through the most beautiful thickets of the fir forest, and finally takes you to the peak of Ainos Mountain, called Mega Soros. Before you head back down, admire the view and explore the remains of a temple dedicated to Zeus. As you make your way back down the mountain, choose to follow the hiking trail towards Arginia village. You’ll be able to walk through the stunning habitat that wild horses call home. There aren’t many horses in this herd, so keep looking for them. They’re smaller in size than average horses and are the descendants of domestic horses that were let loose in Kefallonia from the mainland. Many experienced hikers start by the sea and trek right up the mountain, off-road.

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