Kea Hiking

Kea is a hiker’s paradise. Sign-posted paths of total length of 36 kilometres, at least half of which are cobblestone, run through dreamy routes and dense forests with oaks and lead to beautiful isolated beaches. There are hiking maps you can buy on the island with many routes. There are also gravel hiking roads off the beaten path, such as those in Kalogerados and of the Pera Meria. Here are some suggested routes:

  1. Ioulida - Lion - Diaseli – beach of Otzias
  2. Ioulida - Profítis Ilias - Ellinika - Agios Simeoon - Karthéa
  3. Ioulida - Episkopi - Pera Meria - Sikamia
  4. Karthea - Vathipotamos - Stavroudaki
  5. Agios Simeon - Agios Filippos

For more: Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage Tel. +30 210.322.5245 / 322.6693.

Other Activities for Kea (Tzia)

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