Hiking in Karpathos

You're going to be impressed with the hiking opportunities that the island offers, with vistas of the sea, mountains, cliffs, rolling fields and all sorts of fauna and flora. The island of course was a hiking haven for past civilizations, from the Ancient Minoans to the recent Saracen pirates. Hiking o the Northern part of the island is also special in that it lets you discover places that are unreachable by car. There are 10 main hiking trails on the island to explore:

       1. Spoa – Olympos (5.5 hours)

       2. Olymbos – Pei Area – Olymbos (4.5 hours)

       3. Olymbos – Forokli (2 hours)

       4.  Olymbos – Diafani (2.5 hours)

       5.  Olymbos – Avlona (2 hours)

       6.  Olymbos – Peak Prophet Elias (1.5 hours)

       6Α. Peak Prophet Elias – Olymbos (1.5 hours)

       6Β. Olymbos – Cross Road trail No 1 – Olymbos (3 hours)

        7. Olymbos – St. Constantine Col (1 hour)

       7Α. St. Constantine Col – Diafani (1.5 hours)

       7Β. St. Constantine Col – Diafani (1 hour)

        8. Avlona – Tristomo (3.5 hours)

        9. Avlona – Ancient Vroukounda (1.5 hours) 

       10. Avlona – Diafani (through Vananta Beach) (2 hours)

Download this map for more hiking options: 


Get ready to experience the eco/adventurous side of Karpathos with a small team of Europeans who have made this island their home. Hiking, boating, climbing, surfing, windsurfing and dining are all on offer through Karpathos Adventure.
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Let Evangelia-Marina, an environmental expert show you the best of ecotourism on the island, along with Minas, a biodiversity specialist and avid photographer who documents rare and endemic plants. Share their love for this island through some amazing tours.
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