Hiking in Kalymnos

The Kalymnos TopoGuide, a fantastic new hiking app, has just been released for the island of Kalymnos, Dodekanese. Great images, 17 wondrus hiking routes, geological curiosities and even roadmaps will guide users on amazing island journeys. www.ecotourism-greece.com is proud to have contributed its insights to this app! You can download this app from Google Store here!

Hikers, you have found your heaven on earth. Kalymnos’ wild, rugged landscape combined with its pristine isolation and serenity will offer you days full of exploration. Although there aren’t any organized routes – which means you should always hike with an experienced companion and always be prepared – the sheer number of mountains, hills and valleys will give you countless routes that you yourself will map out. And you’ll feel like you’re on your own, forging ahead in places and paths no one else has ever explored.


If you like to combine hiking with sight-seeing or swimming, you’re in luck! Take in some of Kalymnos’ archaeological sites, including the Castle of Chrysoheria, the site of Ancient Damos or the Sanctuary of Dalios Apollo. Then, when you’re ready for a refreshing swim, take a dip in one of the island’s isolated but absolutely stunning coves. Afterwards, keep on hiking to explore a number of tiny chapels that border fields or farms. You’ll be amazed at the beauty inside despite their tiny size.

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