Hiking in Chania

In a land of traditional old world villages and spectacularly high mountains inaccessible by modern means of transportation, hiking is a wonderful way to see the stunning beauty of the island's natural landscape while also providing an opportunity to meet the residents. With the sheer number of mountainous terrain and rural villages there is literally limitless potential for hiking excursions.


Crete's most famous hiking route, the E4 trail (also known as the European Hiking Path), cuts across the entire island with a large section hugging the waters of the southwest. Recently, there are also a number of 'green routes' being promoted as alternatives to their more well-known counterpart.

Want a more eco-friendly side of Crete? Let Balos Travel take you biking or hiking. Drop by a local family farm and enjoy cooking lessons. Great sites such as Samaria Gorge, Balos, Elafonisi and Knossos are also on the menu!
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A UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves site, the White Mountains offer an incredible opportunity for the hiker in both winter and summer.
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NGA offers an abundance of various tours and guided holidays – everything from botany walks and bird-watching tours to skydiving and scuba diving. Tailor made itineraries are developed to suit every individual and every outdoor sport.
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As an eco-friendly company, Alpine Travel offers a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, canoeing and rock climbing. Various year-round itineraries and tailored individual packages also available. Examples: 8 days of biking, hiking, and sea kayaking in Western Crete. April to October.
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The best source of information for hikers visiting the Hania region and an invaluable resource providing maps and guides with various routes (including the infamous E4 trail as well as a number of 'green routes'); information on mountain shelters as well as weekend excursions.
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