Hiking in Fokida

The Fokida TopoGuide, a fantastic new hiking app, has just been released for Fokida, Central Greece. Great images, wondrus hiking routes, geological curiosities and even roadmaps will guide users on amazing journeys. www.ecotourism-greece.com is proud to have contributed its insights to this app! You can download this app from Google Store here!

An inspiring mix of mountains, plains and plateaus, Fokida has some enchanting routes that will take you past the Oracle of Delphi, across forgotten villages, through olive groves, by captivating churches and into fir forests that all culminate almost into a spiritual transformation.
For the more mountainous routes, mountain shelters are available and local clubs or associations will be more than happy to provide maps and advice.

Mountain Shelters
Local associations and clubs will help with all the advice and maps needed. Mount Parnassos, Mount Vardoussia and Mount Ghiona all have mountain shelters with accommodation for true mountain trekking and hiking in the most beautiful highlands of Greece.

The shelter of Parnassos is at an altitude of 1,900 meters and is open in warmer months for hiking and mountain climbing, and in winter for skiing and other alpine activities. The shelter at Mount Giona or Ghiona is about 1,700 meters above sea level. More information from the Athens Hiking Club, tel. (210 8811520, 8218401).

There are two shelters in the Vardousia mountains: the Amfissa Alpine Club shelter at 1,950 meters. For information call +30 22650 62195 and +30 22650 62484, as well as the Hellenic Alpine Club of Amfisa, (tel. +30 22650 23420) and the Hiking Club Shelter at 2,050 meters both near Athanasios Diakos. More information at the Athens Hiking Club (see above). In this area there is an amazing hiking experience that awaits visitors at the Reka gorge, a 12-kilometer trek from the top of Mount Giona to the plain of Viniani below. Many vertical slopes for climbing in spectacular natural surroundings are available.

From Kirra to Delphi
The E4 coincides with the ancient route used by pilgrims to visit the Oracle of Delphi once they arrive to the port of Kirra by boat. The path starts at Kirra and goes through Chrisso and olive groves along the Plystos River for a while before climbing up to Delphi after around 2.5-3 hours, then Kroki (almost 5 hours from Kirra) and the Kalania plane (7 hours). Ancient graves, Byzantine churches and a historic horse track can be found on the way.

From Delphi to Desfina
From Delphi, you can descend the mountain again following the E4 until you get to the Plystos River. After about 1 ¼ hours cross the small bridge on the river at about 110 meters. Follow the clay road once you arrive to the plateau until you get to the observation point after a little over 3 hours for a great view over the Delphic plain.

From Parnassos to Arachova
From the main square of the village of Parnassos there are signs using E4 hiking route that will lead you either to Delphi or to Kaloskopi. A long, 24-kilometer, nature-filled route through pine trees will take you to Arachova, the peak of Liakoura or to the climbing refuge (Greek Climbing Association).

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