Hiking in Evrytania, Central Greece

There are hiking maps that document the hiking paths in all of Evrytania, including the E4 European hiking path. There are numerous other paths however that visitors can choose from to experience the uniqueness of this area and the virgin landscape.
The areas of Agrafa, Helidona, Kalliakouda, and Krenti are ideal for hiking or trekking. Exciting opportunities for river trekking can also be found in Evrytania by hiking on the banks of several rivers and crossing streams. This is best done in summer and doesn't require too much experience.


Megalo Horio
A little before entering Megalo Horio we encounter the beautiful locale of Ai-Thanassi with the chapel of the same name. The village consists of many small picturesque streets and has a great deal of tourist activity. A museum of Folk Art is open there. At the border with Aniada village is Lakkomata area in which there is a monument to the battle of Kaliakouda (28-8-1823). Another worthwhile route for hiking or driving is the one which leads to the refuge of Kaliakouda. On foot from there we can either approach the high summit of Kaliakouda (elevation 2.101), Aniada village, or the Pantavrehi area.



Initiatives in the municipality of Tornos have created some decent sign-posted hiking paths and has designated them as follows:

Route A (Alpha): Hiking path of the rapids and waterfalls
Route B (Beta): Hiking path of the mountains
Route C (Gamma): The gorge of Tornos
Route D (Delta): Mikro Pantavrehi – high bridge
Route E (Epsilon): Hiking path of Koryfogrammis
Route F (Zita): Hiking path of Kastania
Route G (Eta): Hiking path of Palavogianni


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